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1.23.2013 from adviser to new owner Re Fore India Middle LLC application
App. Letter 8-14-12 203 Fore St Opechee Phase II w Rpt
App. Letter wout RPT 8-14-12 203 Fore St Opechee Phase II
Design Review
Extracts from e-plan submissions
Fore St. - 203 - PhaseII Ext. Letter
Fore Street 197-203 (062512) 11,230 GPD xxx CFS (C,R) Fore Middle India, L.L
Info sent for P&UD Quarterly
Opechee Phase II unsigned approval letter PB Dec 8.14.2012
Photographs June 2012
Planning Board
Plat discussions
Post-approval except Plat
Request for Extension to site Plan approval
Review comments
Staff Action Items 07-11-12
Subdiv Waiver Certificate
TDM- Traffic- Parking
TIF Discussions